Chinese President Xi Jinping Meets with European Council President Michel and European Commission President von der Leyen

On the evening of April 1, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with European Council President Michel Michel and European Commission President von der Leyen in Beijing by video.

Xi Jinping pointed out that eight years ago, I proposed that China is willing to work with Europe to build the four major China-EU partnerships of peace, growth, reform and civilization. China and the EU share extensive common interests and a solid foundation for cooperation. China’s policy towards the EU remains stable and coherent. It is hoped that the EU will develop an independent understanding of China, pursue an independent policy towards China, and work with China to promote the steady and long-term development of China-EU relations, so as to serve the turbulent situation. The world situation provides some stabilizing factors.

Xi Jinping emphasized that China and the EU should be two major forces for maintaining world peace, and to cope with the uncertainty of the international situation with the stability of China-EU relations. We must take the lead in safeguarding the international system with the United Nations at its core, the international order based on international law, and the basic norms of international relations based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. and stable.

Xi Jinping pointed out that China and the EU should be two major markets to promote common development, and promote the in-depth development of economic globalization through China-EU openness and cooperation. China will unswervingly deepen reform and expand opening-up, welcome European companies to invest in China, and hope that the European side will provide a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory environment for Chinese companies to invest and develop in Europe. The two sides should strengthen the alignment of development strategies, and explore the convergence between China’s new development concept and new development pattern and the EU’s “open strategic autonomy” economic and trade policy.

Xi Jinping stressed that China and the EU should be two major civilizations that promote the progress of mankind and respond to global challenges through solidarity and cooperation between China and the EU. It is necessary to practice genuine multilateralism, advocate a global governance concept based on the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, continue to lead the global cooperation on climate change and biodiversity, and work together to defeat the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The European side is welcome to support and participate in global development initiatives.

Michel and von der Leyen said that China is an important force in the world, and the EU attaches great importance to China’s international status and role, and attaches great importance to developing relations with China. For a long time, EU-China relations have been mutually beneficial and win-win. Both sides are committed to safeguarding peace and safeguarding multilateralism. Under the current international situation, it is very important for the EU and China to strengthen dialogue and cooperation. The EU reiterates its adherence to the one-China principle, looks forward to candid exchanges with China, and continues the sound momentum of EU-China relations. Diversity conservation and other global challenges, and efforts to promote world peace, economic growth and shared prosperity. The EU is willing to provide support and cooperation for China to successfully hold the second phase of the fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The two sides exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine. The EU leaders introduced the EU’s views and propositions on the Ukraine crisis.

Xi Jinping stressed that China deeply regrets that the situation in Ukraine has come to this point. China’s position on the Ukraine issue is consistent and clear. China has always stood on the side of peace, proceeded from the right and wrong of the matter, made independent judgments, advocated the maintenance of international law and the universally recognized basic norms of international relations, adhered to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and advocated common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security. view.

Xi Jinping elaborated on several opinions on resolving the Ukrainian crisis under the current situation:

First, we must persist in persuading and promoting talks. The Chinese side supports the European side’s efforts to politically resolve the Ukraine issue, and has been playing the role of persuading peace and promoting talks in its own way. Peace talks are the only viable way to avoid escalating tensions. The international community must continue to create conditions and environment for the Russia-Ukraine negotiation process and open up space for a political settlement, instead of adding fuel to the fire and intensifying contradictions.

The second is to prevent a larger humanitarian crisis. China has put forward a six-point initiative on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, and has provided several batches of emergency humanitarian aid to Ukraine and supplies to European countries that have received a large number of refugees. The Chinese side is willing to maintain communication with the European side to jointly prevent a larger-scale humanitarian crisis.

The third is to build lasting peace in Europe and the Eurasian continent. The root cause of the Ukrainian crisis lies in the regional security conflicts that have accumulated in Europe for a long time. With the development of the times, the Cold War mentality can no longer be used to construct the global and regional security framework. China supports Europe, especially the European Union, to play a leading role, supports the dialogue between Europe, Russia, the United States and NATO, face up to the contradictions accumulated over the years, find solutions to problems, and promote the establishment of a balanced, effective and sustainable European security framework.

Fourth, we must prevent local conflicts from expanding. The Ukrainian crisis must be properly handled, but it must not be rushed to the doctor, attacking one point or the rest, not tying the whole world to this problem, and not letting the people of all countries pay a heavy price for it. The more critical the time, the more sober and calm. The current world economic structure is a framework formed by the long-term efforts of all countries in the world, and it is an organic whole. All parties should cherish this achievement and not easily impact the existing world economic system, let alone politicize, instrumentalize and weaponize the world economy, causing serious crises in the fields of world finance, trade, energy, science and technology, food, industrial and supply chains, etc. . Many people are very worried that the current situation may destroy the achievements of decades of international economic cooperation. If the situation continues to deteriorate, it is estimated that it may take years, decades or even decades to recover afterwards. China and the EU should be committed to managing the situation and preventing the spillover of the crisis. In particular, they should maintain the stability of the world economic system, rules and foundation, and enhance people’s confidence. The two sides can coordinate and cooperate in this regard.

The leaders of the two sides believed that the meeting was open, honest and in-depth, which enhanced mutual understanding and reached a lot of consensus. They agreed to continue to strengthen communication and carry out coordination and cooperation.

Yang Jiechi, He Lifeng and others attended the meeting.





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