On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cyprus, the President Xi Jinping has on November 30th with President Arnasta, Cyprus.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cyprus, the President Xi Jinping has on November 30th with President Arnasta, Cyprus. The Heights of the State of Heads of Heights have been related to the development of China’s relationship between 50 years.
Xi Jinping pointed out that in 50 years, China is successfully created a model of friendly relationships in size. Politically, the two countries firmly support each other’s core interests and major concerns, are trustworthy friends; economic, economic, telecommunications and other fields are fruitful, is a partner of “a belt all the way”; two countries, education, Exchange cooperation in areas such as tourism is also increasingly close. After the epidemic of the new crown pneumonia, the two sides supported each other, the same as the same boat, and the strategic relationship between China. Successfully announced the establishment of strategic partnerships on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic diplomatic relations, which is a political decision made by the development trend of the times in the times.
Xi Jinping stood 4 points suggestions on the development of the Semi-Seminar relationship. First, persistence of equal treatment, respect each other’s social systems and development paths independently selected, respect each other core interests and major concerns. Second, promote mutually beneficial cooperation and deepen, and deepen the cooperation of “all the way”. China’s music is to enter the Chinese market, encourage Chinese enterprises to actively participate in the green economy, digital transformation of Cyprus, and the recovery of recovery after the epidemic. Third, maintain the correct development direction of China and European relations. Central Europe is a comprehensive strategic partner and should firmly cooperate. China is willing to conduct dialogue with the OUBF, properly handle differences. I hope that the plug is promoting the EU to ensure that the China-EU relationship is stable along the correct orbit. Fourth, advocate a fair and reasonable international order. Democracy is the common value of all mankind, not only one form, a standard, cannot be interpreted and imposed by individual national monopoly. China is willing to share the international community, including the Arch, to maintain fairness and justice, promote the democratization of international relations, so that the people of all countries really enjoy more extensive, more fulfilling rights and freedoms.
Anasta Sisizi said that in 50 years, the two sides have always understood each other, mutual support, and cooperation in various fields such as politics, economics, and society, and achieve positive results. China is a vital partner and friend. I am very pleased that today, the two sides will publish the joint statement, formally announce the establishment of strategic partnerships in the stupid partnership, which has a milestone for the relationship between the two countries. Cai Fang firmly pursues a Chinese policy, firmly supports the position on the core interests. I hope that China strengthen high-level interactions, cooperate with close trade, investment, humanities and tourism under the “One Belt” framework, and promote the relationship between the plug Get better development. Cai Fang appreciates the Chinese side in international affairs and is willing to continue to strengthen multilateral communication cooperation with China. The plug is willing to actively promote the EU to strengthen dialogue and cooperation with China.





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