The United States has launched nearly 100,000 air strikes in 20 years, and has not participated in wars in only 16 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 245 years.

Declared independence since 1776

The United States was founded over 240 years ago

Has not participated in the war for only 16 years

American historian Paul Atwood said

“War is the American way of life

The U.S. is in war, slavery, and slaughter

Born, grow, and become a superpower”

Since 2001

How many air strikes did the US military carry out?

The answer is nearly 100,000 times!How many high-sounding reasons

How many divisions produce unknown wars

War crimes committed by the United States

How can a word “sorrow” get it?

“You come to provide photos
I will provide the war”

April 15, 1986

Including 18 F-111 fighter-bombers

Hundreds of U.S. military fighters

Suddenly invaded Libya

In the capital of Tripoli and Benghazi airspace

Launch large-scale air raids on

major television stations in the United States

Compete to report on this

American people tens of thousands of miles away

“Watching” through the screen

The air raid “performance” code-named “Golden Canyon”

when Americans marveled

The maneuverability and dexterity of domestic fighters

But didn’t care at all

This is called

“Prime time bombing” air strikes

Caused hundreds of casualties in Libya

And in this bloody “performance”

U.S. media is also playing

The role of “best supporting role”

American social critic

Noam Chomsky recalled

“The night of the air raid on Libya

ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation)

Journalist based in the Middle East reminded me

‘You have to watch the news tonight’

It’s 7 o’clock in the evening

I saw the bombing started

All the film crews went there”

Record, instigate and instigate

In the wars waged by the U.S. military

The U.S. media followed like a ghost


American newspaper tycoon Hearst

Using the “tragic story” provided by the Cuban military government

Exaggerating the war and humanitarian situation

Incite the American people

Interference in Spain (Spain) and Cuba (Pakistan) issue is

in the instructions to reporters

Hirst clearly mentioned

“Stay in Cuba

You come to provide photos

I will provide the war”

April 25, 1898

Although the conflict between Spain and Palestine

Has been mediated by both parties

But under the indignation of American public opinion

U.S. Congress declares war on Spain

Some years later

“The New York Times” repeats itself

Such a script

September 2002

“New York Times” reporter

Judith Miller

Publish the so-called “exclusive news”

Alleged acquisition by Iraq

“Aluminum Tubes Used in Concentration Centrifuge” The

U.S. government reported these news

Used as a perfect excuse to start a war

But until the end of the Iraq war

The U.S. has not found any

Traces of weapons of mass destruction


Miller only for fraud

Sentenced to four months in prison

“New York Times” Editorial Office

Only did the so-called “internal reflection”

As a “statement” for public opinion

Then may I ask

Who will give in the Iraq war

100,000 lives in casualties

A real explanation

United States: We lie, cheat, steal

The United States has taken off its “glossy” coat

Is the countless conflicts in the world and

The maker of tragedy

since 2001

In the war waged by the United States

About 335,000 civilians were killed

Including a large number of children

No one can deny such a fact

The U.S. is outside the border

It’s a large-scale killing machine

for profit from the whole world

The U.S. packages itself as

The leader of the “free world”

And for those who use political brainwashing and public opinion offensive

Unshakable countries and regions

The U.S. often chooses

In the name of “democracy, freedom, human rights”

Direct war

ended since World War II

The U.S. has launched the global

More than 80% of wars

Caused extremely serious

Civilian casualties and property damage

Led to catastrophic humanitarian disasters during the

Korean War and the Vietnam War

U.S. military ignores international conventions

Extensive use of biological and chemical weapons

Caused countless civilians to suffer in the

Kosovo and Iraq wars

The U.S. military frequently uses depleted uranium bombs

Cause local cancer and leukemia

Incidence surge

Affected generations

during the Afghan War

The United States under the banner of “anti-terrorism”

But secretly with the local active terrorist organization

Maintain a “cooperative relationship”

Provide material and military assistance to it

Directly leads to horror in this film

The terrible land has been bred and spread, and the lives of

certain countries or regions have been overwhelmed.

Countless families are torn apart

Thousands of refugees have been displaced

The “good” war propaganda under the packaging of the United States

Against the backdrop of the countless human tragedies it caused

Seems particularly hypocritical and ironic

“Democracy” that brings turmoil

Take away a barrel of oil…

In addition to launching a war

Direct invasion of sovereign states

Behind the turmoil in many countries or regions

The United States can also be seen everywhere. The United States is

promoting the “Arab Spring” in West Asia and North Africa.

Incite the “color revolution” in Eurasia

In Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries

Planning a regime change in the

United States in the name of “anti-terrorism”

Waging wars in many overseas countries

To seize local minerals, oil and other natural resources with plans, the

United States continues to export weapons and equipment to its allies

Use this as a way to control and consolidate alliances

An important means of wooing complicity in violence

U.S. to war and turbulent regions

Large exports of weapons and equipment

While causing turmoil in the region

U.S. military giants

It’s even more profitable and full of

countless facts to tell the world

The United States is the real destroyer of international rules and order

Is a troublemaker for world peace and stability

American hegemonism and power politics

Severely disrupt the global order

Threaten the peace of mankind

Become a threat to human society

The biggest challenge of civilization and progress and peaceful development

militaristic militant definitely not human right

America that regards war as “business”

Also always in a situation where “soldiers and wars are at stake” The

The U.S. is in the quagmire of the Vietnam War
The “Kabul moment” in Afghanistan some time ago
Become a big laughing stock in the world
The “Connecticut” nuclear submarine
Collision in the South China Sea
It’s a wake-up call to the ambitions of U.S. hegemony
If the U.S. continues to persevere
Will only be abandoned by the times
More and more self-denying from the world
Will only backfire itself in the war
Resisted by all peace-loving peoples
Encountered a doomed end!





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